$5 Liberty Gold Coin

The $5 Liberty gold coin, also known as Half Eagle is the only coin in U.S. history to have been produced at all seven federal mints. The Half Eagle was also the first gold coin ever struck by the United States government. All Half Eagles were struck at the Philadelphia Mint prior to 1838.

The design, weight and composition changed several times throughout its production, just like that of the Quarter Eagle. The Half Eagle was minted from 1837 to 1929 and was struck in .900 fine gold. The Liberty design on the obverse side of the $5 Liberty gold coin was replaced by the Indian Head in 1908.

$5 Liberty gold coins are great for collectors, numismatists and investors alike. Numismatists and collectors favor these coins because of their age and historical significance. Investors enjoy them for the security of their gold bullion investment plus the upside potential of their rarity. Many believe owning $5 Liberty gold coins will allow your gold to be untouched in the case of another gold confiscation like what happened during the Great Depression when Executive Order 6102 was put forth by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Since the $5 Liberty gold coin carries numismatic value many believe they would be excluded.

The Half Eagle has a face value of $5 but its intrinsic value is much greater than its face value however they serve as legal tender if you ever needed goods or services. Each Half Eagle contains 90% gold, yielding .2419 troy ounces of pure gold and measuring 21.6mm in diameter. They were struck in two types, the ultra-scarce “No Motto,” minted from 1839 until 1865 and the “With Motto” (IN GOD WE TRUST) type, struck from 1866 until 1908.

The design of the $5 Liberty gold coin was created by Christian Gobrecht whose design was inspired by a portrait of Venus. On the obverse side of the coin is a crowned image of Liberty encircled by 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies and on the reverse side is an image of the majestic bald eagle with outstretched wings and a shield in front of its chest, holding olive branches in one talon and arrows in the other, a symbol of war and peace. Coins minted from 1839 through 1866 do not include the motto ‘IN GOD WE TRUST’. In 1866 the reverse was modified by adding the motto on a ribbon above the eagle.

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