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Coins started being certified and graded in the mid-1980s by PCGS, Professional Coin Grading Service in 1986 along with NGC, Numismatic Guarantee Corporation in 1987. These two companies are two of the most recognized and respected coin grading companies in the world.

PCGS and NGC have very high grading standards and the coins have to go through vigorous tests, which is why the coins are guaranteed for their grade and authenticity. The coins are examined very closely by expert numismatists and once they are given their grade and pass all the examinations and tests they are sealed in a plastic casing and given an individualized serial number, description, and guaranteed grade. Coins that have been certified and graded by PCGS or NGC can be traded sight unseen due to the certainty of the companies high quality work. These two companies have made it much easier for collectors and investors in that they don’t have to be rare coin experts anymore in order to buy and sell classic U.S. coins safely.

There are other grading companies in the market however; PCGS and NGC are the two companies that are widely accepted. In fact I would recommend staying away from the other grading companies due to the high level of quality work that PCGS and NGC have to offer. Any classic U.S. gold or silver coins that you purchase for over $100 should be sealed in a plastic casing and if not you should ask that it would be.

PCGS was the first third party coin grading company to serve the coin buying public. The huge improvements that PCGS has made in the rare coin industry have impacted the way that rare coins are being bought and sold today. Not only does PCGS provide standardized grading but they also offer safe and secure long-term storage, sight-unseen trading, cash back grading guarantee, and problem free coins. These factors have played a huge role in the respect and popularity gained by the public.

When NGC was established it brought about a whole new standard of integrity. NGC has always had one goal in mind from the very beginning and that is to produce a standard of consistent and accurate grading. The company has been able to stay true to this commitment. NGC has a team of grading experts that are dedicated in providing you unparalleled grading services. They have been able to provide consistency in their high level of quality work ever since they were established, which has provided stability within the rare coin market.  We only use these two companies for all of our pre 1933 gold coins for sale on our site, so you can rest assured you are getting the best quality.

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